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✔ Experienced Electricians

Our Livermore electricians are very experienced all electrical jobs. They are electrical contractors with experience in panel, subpanel, and full house wiring as well. Our team also specialized in EV charger installs. Residential and commercial electrical projects.


✔ Insured, Bonded, Licensed

Our team of electricians is licensed, bonded, and insured. They all have additional training on the job and strive to acquire new knowledge regarding options, new materials, and the electrical code.


✔ Quality and Safe Jobs Every Time

TOP Electrician Livermore are honest electricians who are committed to quality and safe jobs every time. More often than not, as we diagnose electrical problems, we tend to find issues that are related with poor electrical work from previous jobs. Often, also related with inferior quality material used in order to save time/money. Inferior quality jobs often result in continued problems and more expenses to the owner to fix. That way it is important that you choose honest electricians who will look after your interests and safety like us.


✔ Affordable Prices in Livermore and Pleasanton

Our electricians do not cut corners! Our honesty, reliability, and skill allow us to perform jobs right every time at affordable prices for a typical electrician in Livermore and Pleasanton.  


 ✔ Satisfaction Guaranteed

We believe in our skills so much that we offer a Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. In case the work was not done as expected, we will go back to your place and fix it for free! Your happiness is our happiness!

We DO NOT Cut Corners

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