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Electrical Panel Upgrade Livermore and Pleasanton

The more electricity your home uses, the stronger your electrical panel should be. If your circuits trip often or if you have a hard time using multiple devices at the same time, your circuit may be too weak. To better supply your home with efficiently flowing electricity, you may want to consider an electrical panel upgrade in Livermore.

Electrical panels come in different strengths. Weaker ones usually are located in older homes and modern or newer homes will have stronger panels. In the 1960s, 60 amp panels began replacing fuse boxes in the home to regulate current. 100 amp are now the minimum electric code requirement. Therefore, finding a 60 amp box is uncommon. If you still have a 60 amp level, please keep in mind that finding replacement parts for it will become increasingly difficult and you may want to modernize it!

Even though 100 amp is up to code, you may also not see too many of these boxes. Homes over 1,000 sq feet of living space should benefit from a stronger electric panel especially as technology becomes more energy-dependent.

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This picture shows an electrical panel installation in Livermore. The electrician is testing the circuit breaker after install.

Electrical Panel Installation in Pleasanton and Livermore CA

Today most modern homes are built with 150 amp and 200 amp electrical panels. Homes can even be built with 400 amp boxes depending on the size. For these homes, the only houses that may need to consider power stronger than 200 amps would be very large homes. In addition, homes that use many strong appliances, such as multiple split ACs and multiple refrigerators may need to have larger amperage. If you are in need for an electrical panel installation in Pleasanton or Livermore areas you can trust us for the best service.

Another reason for a panel upgrade in Livermore could be if your home’s main breaker keeps tripping. The main breaker looks just like your other circuit breakers, but it is not usually located in the circuit breaker box. When the main breaker trips, your entire home will lose electricity! If you do not know the difference between your main breaker and regular circuit breakers, please seek professional electrical help! The same goes for a panel upgrade in Pleasanton!

If your home still has a fuse box, don’t worry. Fuse boxes are still reliable current regulators for your home. If correct fuses are used, a fuse box is not needed to be replaced with a breaker box. There are many reasons why you may want to consider upgrading your fuse box to an electrical panel however. You can read why in the next section.


When Should I Upgrade the Circuit Breaker?

A circuit breaker normally should be replaced every 25 to 40 years. When your breaker is not distributing electricity properly through your home, it can cause things to overheat and even burn. If your electricity breaks, you may need a panel repair or upgrade. Here are common signs:

Flickering lights – One of the causes of flickering or dimming lights could be a stronger appliance taking power away from another circuit. If this is due to a weak electrical system, you may need a new panel.

Burn smells – Smelling something burning when nothing is cooking is a sign that too much energy is making its way through the house.

Outlet scorch marks – This may accompany the burn smells and a visual sign that something is not right!

Circuit breaker is hot – Also related to burn smells, a hot breaker can quickly turn into an electrical fire if the heats builds too much.

✔ Small shocks when handling appliances – This may not be due to your service panel and can be the switch or wiring as well. When in doubt, get it inspected by a licensed electrician.

Breakers tripping – Anytime a circuit trips, it indicates that your home’s electricity is not being managed properly. If the service panel is at fault or if the main breaker keeps tripping, it’s time to upgrade or replace the system.

✔ Looking to install a large electrical appliance to your home, like central AC.

Value – You may get a positive ROI when upgrading your electrical panel before selling your home!

If you need electricity to get to places further from the main panel you may benefit from a sub panel installation in Livermore and Pleasanton. Common examples are garages, upstairs, or room additions. Let our expert electricians at Top Electrician Livermore advise you on what is best for your home if you suspect an electrical panel issue. We would love to provide you a free quote or estimate for all your electrical needs!

Fuse Box or Electrical Panel?

Upgrading a fuse box to an electrical panel is done mainly for convenience. The convenience comes with resetting the circuit breaker versus replacing a blown fuse. With stronger appliances, you will also need stronger fuses. Since the fuse technology is not as used as much as the circuit breaker one, larger fuses are not as accurate smaller fuses.

GFCI outlets are also not compatible with fuse boxes. This is a lesser known advantage to junction boxes. GFCI outlets are extra protection outlets in your bathrooms and kitchen. They have a small reset button in between the outlets in your kitchen or bathroom that trip if an appliance uses too much energy.

Probably the main reason to upgrade their fuse box to an electrical panel is that it adds value to your home. You may not mind the fuse box, but if you’re selling your home, the buyer may not want one!
Many real estate agents will recommend upgrading for a positive ROI when selling your home. Panel upgrades from fuse boxes start at only $1,500.

Do you want to upgrade your fuse box to an electrical panel? Top Electrician Livermore can do this for you! Ask for your free quote and we’ll take care of everything.

This image shows a fuse box ready to upgrade to electrical panel in Livermore.

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Whether you want a panel upgrade because you still have a fuse box, or because you need more power, you can trust us. Our electrical contractors in Livermore can provide you great knowledge and estimates. We provide FREE quotes for panel upgrade in Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, and Altamont. Let’s connect and figure out your electrical. We will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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What is a Fuse Box?

If your home doesn’t have a circuit breaker box, it must have a fuse box. Before electrical panels or circuit breaker boxes existed, the fuse box was Livermore’s way of regulating power through the home. Fuse boxes don’t use circuit breakers, they use fuses. The fuse is still able to break a circuit from too much energy exposure, but it doesn’t trip like a circuit breaker does. Instead of tripping, a fuse will simply burn out and break, shutting down the circuit! Also known as a blown fuse, after burning out, the fuse cease to work and electricity will not be able to go through the circuit.

Even though the process is different, the fuse and circuit breaker function similarly. While a fuse may be more sensitive than a circuit breaker, the major benefit for a circuit breaker is that it can be reset after tripping. Blown fuses must be replaced for that circuit to work again.

Fuses are not expensive, but the process of constantly buying fuses, using the correct ones, and replacing them can be very annoying. This is probably why circuit breaker boxes have replaced fuse boxes. In Livermore, fuse boxes are still used, especially in the older houses. Fuse boxes still work well at protecting your home from electrical fires and doesn’t necessarily need to be changed to panels. If you are unsure if you should replace your fuse box, contact Top Electrician Livermore to get a free quote.

What is an Electrical Panel?

If too much current goes through a circuit, it can cause a fire. Your electrical panel, also known as an electric panel, circuit breaker box, and load center, regulates all your home’s current. It distributes this power to all the different circuits in your home.

If too much electricity builds up in the circuits, the circuit breaker will trip or close the circuit preventing any accidents. It is an essential part of electrical safety for all homes. If you are looking for a Pleasanton or Livermore panel upgrade or panel installation, don’t hesitate to call us today!