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TOP Electrician Livermore is a recognized residential and commercial electrical contractor serving the communities of Livermore and Pleasanton CA. Over time, we have completed a broad range of projects for commercial companies locally. With our knowledge and expertise, we are able to provide fast and efficient electrical services at a lower price.

Business owners don’t have time to wait to be serviced. We get it, we are business owners too and time waited is money wasted. When it comes to electrical upgrades and remodeling, business owners need a fast and effective service. We believe that coordination is key to ensure minimal disruption of normal business hours and satisfaction with the service. We have a reliable team and pride our communication and effectiveness on the job as one of the reasons Livermore and Pleasanton business owners like to work with us on their commercial projects.

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Commercial Services

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

Our team will run diagnostics to troubleshoot the problem you may be experiencing. While the solution may seem an easy fixing outlets, lights, or repair a panel, most times there is a cause that needs to be fixed. Much like a disease, you have to treat the cause. Not only we fix the problem, but we will figure out the cause and let you know if that is something you should also address to prevent issues in the future. For more information about electrical repairs and maintenance in Livermore and Pleasanton visit our page.

Light Fixture Installation

The type of light fixtures recommended for your business will depend on the type of business you have For example, if you have a store you may want a lot of bright light fixtures. Recessed lights are popular and can create a very bright ambience. For a more elegant style, you can choose chandeliers or pendant lights. Furniture stores and hotels are a good example. The same goes for a restaurant. For an office or supermarket, things are usually more casual and all you need is a lot of light. It is all about what style and personality you want your business to have.  To lower the electricity bill you may want to consider LED lighting. Many business owners in Pleasanton and Livermore are switching to LED lights for electricity savings. Ask us more about light fixture installation in Pleasanton and Livermore. Create a unique design for unique ambience . We can create a lighting design that suits your interior design and provides you with a unique ambience. Warehouse lighting, outdoor lighting

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any store, office, or warehouse. Do you already have air conditioning in your business? Electricity bills of a business can be quite high. You have to keep your business at a constant comfortable temperature to keep the customers and employees happy, correct? Well, there is still something you can do to maximize your savings. Installing ceiling fans on your business while running the air conditioning will allow the air to stay cool and steady. Hence, you possibly can raise your thermostat several degrees and not have it work as high. Furthermore, you have the great benefit of a constant light breeze in your business. That is always welcoming to your guests and customers. You can visit our page for more info about ceiling fan installation in Pleasanton and Livermore CA.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Similarly, with residential panel upgrades in Pleasanton and Livermore, you may be considering upgrading a commercial electrical panel.  The most common reasons is of course if it is damaged and you lose power to your business. Commercial businesses usually need a lot more power than homes. That being said, there are specific situations that are likely to affect business owners more than homeowners. Below are the common reasons for commercial electrical panel upgrades:

  • Renovations or new additions made to the business.

  • Addition of new equipment which requires more amperage from the main panel.

  • Create a dedicated circuit for certain equipment (e.g. computers)Ensure that your electronic devices operate at full power.

  • Notice of a new panel requirement by your insurance company.

  • Decreased the amount of extension cords your business is using.

  • Using a fuse block without a main breaker. This is very unsafe and should be upgraded ASAP.

Circuits and Wiring

Residential and commercial circuits and wiring are usually very different. Not just in the voltage, but in the way that they should be organized. We work with the business owners to understand the best way to organize their wiring and circuits. That alone will make it the most efficient and durable possible. Of course, the quality of the material and work comes next. As experienced electrical contractors, our team can also do wiring for new construction, including design and permitting. For old businesses looking to rewire, we will also prioritize a better organization of their system. Those are the best opportunities to do things right and avoid problems down the line. For more info about electrical house wiring in Pleasanton and Livermore, check out our dedicated page.

Surge Protection

Does your business have valuable appliances and/or data that will cause a big loss to the company is a damage occurred to it? Although electrical surges are not common, they sure happen. Electrical surges can damage electrical circuit boards in your devices and appliances causing them to damage. A full electrical surge protection will protect your electrical system from the electrical surges. You can read more about this service on surge protection in Pleasanton and Livermore.

Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Hot Tub Wiring

Are you considering adding a sauna, jacuzzi, or a hot tub to your business you will need wiring? For example, gyms and SPAs. Call us to check out your plans and request a FREE estimate.

EV Charger Installation

TOP Electrician Livermore provides Level 1 and Level 2 EV charger installation in Pleasanton and Livermore. Those are most likely to be for home than for a company. However, some companies may consider a level 2 installation such as a hotel or a parking lot of a residential building. You can call us for more info as we have extensive experience in such installations.

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Poor electrical work can lead to big problems down the road. We recommend that you hire an electrical contractor who can explain what the problem is and what they are recommending. Unfortunately, we still get calls to fix poor electrical work done by other professionals. Either to cut corners, or for lack of knowledge. If you get a couple quotes that are very different, be sure to understand what each one includes. We don’t cut corners and are honest on our recommendations and estimates. We treat you like we would to family and friend. Try us out today, call for a FREE Quote.


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