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Electrical Sub Panel Installation Livermore and Pleasanton

A sub panel, looks and works just like a regular electrical panel. Just like how an electric panel helps to regulate the electricity in your home, a sub panel helps to control a portion of your home’s electricity.

Not everyone needs one. Space, convenience, and efficiency are the main reasons to have one. If you are in need for a subpanel installation you can trust our team at TOP Electrician Livermore for a safe and quick sub panel installation in your home or business in Livermore or Pleasanton in the Bay Area.


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This picture shows a sub panel installation in Livermore. The panel distributes the electricity to a new circuit for a garage

Why Installing a Sub Panel?

Add more Circuits

An electrical panel only has so many circuit breaker spaces. If you run out of space in your breaker box, you’ll need a sub panel to add more circuits.

Double tapping is a poor practice when two wires are installed into one circuit. This is a short cut to adding a circuit or when the panel has too few spaces. It’s a dangerous practice because it can cause an overloaded circuit. Overloaded circuits cause electrical accidents, including fires in the worst case! If you believe one of your circuits are double tapped, you should get it fixed by an electrician.

Add Convenience

It is very inconvenient to reset a breaker that is far away from the actual breaker box. This is probably not the main reason to add a sub panel, but this is why they are often found in high electricity usage areas that are far from the panel box such as the garage or basement.

A better convenience example for installing one occurs when an occupant is not able to reach the main electrical panel. In duplex houses, it’s common for the 2 units to share one meter. If there is also only one electrical panel, one of the units will not be able to access it. In this sense, it makes a lot of sense to install a sub panel box in the other unit.

Add Efficiency

When the main electrical panel is far away from your work space, an panel will better distribute electricity usage in the area it powers. A garages where electrical tools are used, a sub panel may be a good idea in your home. It is common for people to do it when they install a level 2 EV charger in Livermore.

Sub panels are not needed for everyone and installed for specific reasons. If you want to talk to someone to see if getting a sub panel makes sense for you, let us at Top Electrician Santa Barbara walk you through it.

Panel Upgrade vs Sub Panel, what do I need?

Are you looking to distribute power to a particular area of your home or business?  A patio, garage, room addition, or duplex perhaps? If so you need to upgrade the main panel. However, if you need more power to the entire house to support all your appliances, then you need a sub panel. To better understand if you need an electrician to upgrade the electrical panel in Livermore or Pleasanton or to install a subpanel, you can call us. We will need to know what your goals are to make the most honest recommendation.

Main Panel vs Sub Panel

The main service panel connects your entire home directly to your power company’s supply. All the other panels, aside from the main one, are known as sub-panels. You may or may not have such systems in place in your current home or business. Those distribute the power to areas further away from the main breaker box and help to organize the circuits in a more manageable way. It also allows you to turn on and off a particular circuit. Should you be unsure of what you need after you read through this information, please give us a call and our Livermore electricians will help you to determine what is the best solution for your particular situation. 

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