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Home EV Charger Installation Livermore

A home EV charger installation in Livermore and all other cities are fairly straightforward. However, it should still be done by a qualified electrician. Especially when your expensive car and house are on the line. Our licensed electricians offer a fast and reliable installation of EV charger stations and nearby cities. We serve Livermore, Pleasanton, and nearby cities.

EV Chargers

After 2035, only electric vehicles will be available for sale in the state of California. That is the executive order passed in 2020. As you can imagine, that will drive the demand for EV more and more as the time goes by. If you don’t have an EV yet, chances are you will be impressed with how much time you save as you don’t have to go to the gas station anymore. This is especially true if you invest on a home charging station. If you drive a lot, you will be thankful for the time you save by not having to go to a gas station again. No wonder many Americans already love EVs.

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Best Home EV Charger

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The best home EV charger is the one that charges your EV car as fast as you need every time. That depends on the type of charger and how much you drive per day. For most people, the best charger will be a Level 2 home EV charger. Different brands may save you a couple more hours and add some features.
The devices are usually wall-mounted and may come in many shapes, sizes, and capabilities. In general, charging stations are organized by their power output (watts and volts). That is what directly affects the length of time that it takes to fully charge your vehicle. Charging times also vary according to the size of your EV’s battery.

Best Home EV Charger Brand

There are some consumer surveys out there but is seems that the opinion varies. Part of it is because not all the chargers are compatible with all the EVs. The most known brands for chargers are Bosh, Instavolt, Tesla, ChargePoint, EVBox, and Siemens. The best way to analyze which one is better is to know which car you have, find which ones are compatible, and look at the specs from there.

Level 1 EV Charger

A Level 1 EV charger uses a 110-120 volt current (the standard for most homes in the US). It does not require any equipment other than access to a GFCI outlet in your garage. The big disadvantage about the level 1 station is how long it takes to charge a car – up to 15-20 hours.

Level 2 EV Charger

Level 2 EV chargers use a 240 volt power which will translate into a much faster battery charging time. This type of charging requires the installation of an EVSE unit and electrical wiring capable of handling higher voltage power. The device will convert high voltage AC power to DC power and will store it in EV battery. If you are looking for this type, check with an experienced electrician like ourselves.
Installing 240v Outlet for Electric Car
As mentioned above, a Level 2 EV station requires to install a 240 volts outlet with a dedicated circuit. We recommend that you hire an experienced and reliable electrician like our crew. It is not a difficult job for experience people like us, and there are many steps to maximize the power output which translated into a faster charge every time.

Level 3 EV Charger

A Level 3 EV Charger is commercial only. Basically the type you see at the shopping mall and on public stations. This is the quickest you can charge your car. In general, 20-30 minutes will get you 80% of your battery.

EV Charger Installation Cost in Livermore

An EV charger station installation cost will vary depending on the brand and characteristics of the device. Especially the amperage. You need to also consider the cost of installing a 240 volt outlet the amount of wiring needed for that. For example, is the outlet very far from the main electrical panel? In some cases, it may be recommended to install a sub panel. We will evaluate the situation and give you a fair and accurate estimate.

Electric Rate for your Level 2 EV Charger

When upgrading to a level 2 EV Charger, we will guide you about choosing the right electric rate for your situation. That is done with the PG&E Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

This picture shows EV charger installation in Livermore

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