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Electrical Wiring Livermore and Pleasanton

One of the top causes for interior home fires in Livermore and the rest of the Bay Area are due to failures in wiring insulation. These fires are easily avoidable, but many people do not want to put the money and effort into rewiring their homes. We are happy to walk you through the problems, solutions, and options for electrical wiring in Livermore and Pleasanton. Our crew focus on complete house wiring, wiring for new homes, and circuits.

Usually it is not visually obvious that you have electrical issues in your home. If it’s been 20+ years since someone has looked at your wiring, you may want to consider it time to have an electrical inspection. 

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We Specialize in House Rewiring and Wiring for New Construction

Our electricians have extensive experience in complete house rewiring in Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, and Altamont. If no electrician has checked your electrical system in 20 years, it is time to schedule an inspection. Call us today!

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When to do Electrical Renovations?

The goof thing about electrical renovations is that you may only need to do it once per generation, unless there is a big uncommon problem. Follow the guide below. If any apply to your situation it may be time for an electrical renovation.

  • Homes 50 years or older
  • Wires using aluminum instead of copper (e.g. houses built between 1965-1973)
  • 2 pronged outlets instead of 3 pronged outlets
  • Electrical panel or fuse box panel made out of wood or has a wooden backing, isn’t labeled, or has an unprotected black cable running out the back of it.

Unfortunately, we still see a lot of bad wiring jobs done where the electricians clearly cut corners to cut their costs. Those end up in safety issues, and more money spent to fix it. You can be sure that we take our jobs seriously and do it right every time.


Signs for Rewiring a House in Livermore and Pleasanton

The signs that you may need to rewire your home are similar to the ones indicated for replacing the electrical panel in Livermore. That is not different for rewiring a house in Livermore and Pleasanton area. In case you weren’t aware, these are the signs:

  • Burning smells (when nothing is cooking)
  • Burnt, singed, and or black electric outlets or plugs
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Tripping circuit breakers on a consistent basis

Beweare that if you smell something burning and if you see smoke, this may be a sign that something is burning now! Call the fire department and deal with any form of fire immediately. After any fire is taken care of, don’t delay on getting your electrical wiring fixed as soon as possible so that a fire doesn’t happen in the near future.

Wiring for New Construction

Our team or electrical contractors are well experienced in wiring for new construction, as well as rewiring for old houses. You can count on us for planning and designing functional circuits. If it makes sense to your case, this is also the time to also consider adding a subpanel installation in Livermore. For business owners out there, please consider hiring us as your business build out electricians.

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this picture shows wiring used for a complete house rewire in Livermore

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